milenko_ftw (milenko_ftw) wrote in cooper_union,

i wrote on jeremy;s wall asking him to undelete it

what i said

you should really undelete the cooperunion community. theres alot of value and information that applicants can get by looking at the past entries. i know taht ive gained alot of from it and i know that you did too..also this group is the only online archive of hometests. erasing this group is erasing memories of alot of hardwork and thought that people put into their hometests and this community. the community is really great at giving help and support to those that are applying and i think that its really selfish and inconsiderate of you to delete it for whatever personal reason. you should really undelete the community and hand it over to someone who will be democratic.

his response

now you want me to help you? You want me to make you happy, after all you did was complain and gripe about me. You dont care about the community enough to let this board be reopened. You care about yourself, or you would of taken what I had to say and not gone crazy, but simply kept your cool and asked me why. Then you had all your cooper cronies repost the link over and over and then you are pointing fingers at me?

Of course im pissed, but its not because of the cooper union board, but its because of the arrogance "artists" have, and the unwillingness to cooperate and make things work in a logical and morally correct setting.

So sir, YOU can deal without the community, because its all about you. Nothing else matters, and no one else matters. Its about what YOU have to say, and if it offends people, fuck them! Because you dont care. and if you did, you would of understood why I deleted your hometest, because you used people's names. all you had to do was take their names out of the files, but its like you made a point to use their names. You didnt even try to not hurt their feelings.

How would you like it if when you dont get in, I make fun of you publicly and criticize you for this? You wouldnt be too thrilled, you would be pissed. How do you think the others feel.

I guess you might not understand that tho, because caring about others is not something you did in this situation!

I have all the posts and the info saved, on top of that I have this board and all the posts for 30 days. I can reactivate it anytime before that 30 days runs up. If there can be a solution I MAY reinstate it and give it to someone. But its not going to anyone that acted out of turn, this includes Erin, sorry but people come first before art, and if you dont understand that, maybe you should choose a different profession/passion/hobby.
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